Prasanjith, Samantha, Janet and Paul in tour - It's all about happiness...

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Guests at BBF

Guests at he British Bird Watching Fair 2007. (Photo by courtesy Janet Dewes)


British Bird Fair - 2007 - Our participation
"Preventing Extinctions, Saving the World's Critically Endangered Birds"

British Bird Fair 2007 Guests Paul and Janet at BBF 2007

For the second straight year, WalkWithJith attended the British Bird Watching Fair at Rutland Water. Prasanjith was joined at the stand by former clients Paul Seligman and Janet Dewes from Cardiff, both members of the Glamorgan Bird Club and other bird and wildlife organisations.

It was particularly pleasing when clients who had visited Sri Lanka with WalkWithJith came to the stand to tell us how much they had enjoyed their visit and looked forward to another one. Indeed, they helped us convince other clients that this really was the best bird holiday they were likely to find. We were very busy throughout the three days of the fair. We concentrated on explaining the “WalkWithJith difference”:

·      Custom made tours, whether your tour party is one person or more
·      Personal attention at all times
·      Unbeatable in-country tour prices
·      Expert naturalists / ornithologists services

We were able to propose customized trips to suit enquirers’ special interests, such as botanic painting and wildlife photography. Of course, at this event, birds are the main interest and birders of all abilities were very interested in the possibilities to enjoy their hobby in Sri Lanka, with its 25 endemic specialties.

A common enquiry that we heard was the situation in which one person is keener on birding than his or her partner. We were able to propose itineraries that would give both clients a great holiday. Some visitors thought that the company’s name meant we only offered walking holidays. We explained that the tour can include as much or as little walking as you like, although some habitats do require walking to find the birds, as on any similar holiday.

Nearly 50people gave us their contact details in stay in touch, we look forward to welcoming them to our island.

British Bird Fair 2007

The British Bird Watching Fair 2007

Jim France, Brian Clasper, Geoff Binks and Liz Young all came to the British Bird Watching Fair 2006 and met Prasanjith for the first time which led to their tour in Sri Lanka. In 2007 they came to the British Bird Watching Fair for the second time to talk about their happy moments.
Geoff and Liz at BBF 2007

Geoff and Liz with Jith (Photo by courtesy Janet Dewes)

New visitors at the 2007 British Bird Watching Fair

Guests BBF 2007
(Photo by courtesy Janet Dewes)
After the fair it was time for Jith to meet some of the past vistors whom have invited Jith to spend few days with them. Jith thanks all of them for their warm welcome.
Exmoor Zoo Group at BBF 2007
Last but not least, what a happy moment it was at the team in their office. Responsible Travel and Walk With Jith is collaborating since 2006. Thanks for your warm welcome! Photo by courtesy of Helena Posnett.


“Walk With Jith” team was present at Marquee 01, Stand no. 67 in British Bird watching Fair 2007.
See our information on the British Bird Watching Fair website >>

We offered very special discounts on direct reservations on 17th, 18th and 19th at British Watching Fair – 2007, in Rutland.

For people who organize a tour of four or more members, we offer very special rates.

Tour programs we presented:

1. Leisure bird watching, wildlife and culture tour - For a small island Sri Lanka has a rich bird fauna. Many passionate bird lovers rank Sri Lanka among their favorite destinations. 435 bird species have been recorded here and 25 of these are endemic and another 08 species are proposed as endemics to Sri Lanka, that is found nowhere else. The best time to watch birds in the island is between the months of October and April when thousands of northern winter migrants arrive.


2. Luxury and culture tour – This tour program plans especially for culture holiday lovers who seek comfort and it includes luxury accommodation.


3. Walking and nature history holidays – This is tailor made tour for travelers who love to walk around the country side, villages, along with watching birds, butterflies, elephants and other animals as well as seeing trees, plants and wild flowers. In this tour you witness Sri Lankan culture and cultural cities.


4. Honeymoon holidays – “Taste of Paradise” is the tag line used when talking about Sri Lankan tourism. This island in the Indian Ocean is a perfect romantic honeymoon gateway where beauty is like in a fantasy dream.