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Guest Book - Bird Watching Tours Comments
2005 - 2006

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Thai Birders Group
Thai Birders Group
Bangkok, Thailand.

December 04, 2006

We do have a very wonderful time in Sri Lanka, a very lovely and nature friendly country. Very many birds were observed with much enjoy. We would like to thank you, Jith and your ream for taking best care of us during the whole trip of about a week. With your bird consideration and lovely arrngement, we hope we will have another chance to visit your home country again in the future Thank you very much for every thing.

You can read the excellent writings with great photos on this trip by Nattinee in Thai Language here:

Geoff and Liz
Geoff Binks and Liz Young
British nationals living in Spain.

November 05, 2006

Reading through this guest book, we realized that every one has said already what we feel about our tonight with Jith & Saman. We have had a throughly enjoyable and informative time with them both, as well as a few laughs! The whole trip has been truly emorable - the birds, the lovely people, the food and the country as a whole. We won't forget and we will return.

Thank you Jith for every thing - so glad we stopped at your stand at the bird watching fair at Rutland last August. It was the beginning of a wonderful experience here Sri Lanka.

Mel & McKey
Mel & Miles McKey
California, USA.

February 16, 2006

We havent made a final count yet, but we certainly sure a lot of birds, most of them new to us. We thank you, Jith, for having such sharp eyes, even from the van. We'll never forget the Dwarf Kingfisher landing on the road so we could get a really good look at it. We also appriciated your wide knowledge of botany, butterflies and the many reptiles and mammals we saw.

Thank you so much for every thing including the Lion Largers!

Mark Taylor
Mark Taylor
General Sales Manager (New vehicles)
BMW group (Doncaster)

Melbourne, Australia

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November 15 - 29th , 2005

Prasanjith has put togather an excellent birdwatching tour, but also with the help of Jayaweera, the jeep drivers and national park guides. The combine knowledge of these guides is exceptional. I have looked up 223 species of birds, (no, I was not counting, but my palm pilot was) with a day to go and this is testament to all those mentioned above.
But more than just the nature, it was the cultural and human interludes that made for such a memorable holiday. From buffolo curd & Kithul syrup, to the very ancient history of Sri Lanka and being present during the presidential election - love those firecrackers!, all was greate than the parts.

Thank you Prasanjith & Jayaweera!

Mark Whittaker & Prasanjith
Mark Whittaker, Journalist
Sydney, Australia

10th August 2005

Dear Jith,
Thanks so much for a very relaxing few days birding. It never ceased to surprise me how you pull these birds out of no where, like you conjured them up your self. Shame about that starting never mind that just gives me an excuse to come back and get it next time. I certainly look foward to playing the CD and being reminded each time of the splenders of Sinharaja.
All the best!

Janet Dewes & Paul Seligman
Janet Dewes & Paul Seligman
Wales, UK

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10th – 25th January, 2005

Jith has given us a marvelous holiday. We have seen large numbers of splendid birds in marvelous surroundings, been informed about flowers and animals, and have been made to feel welcome members of the Sri Lankan family, rather than tourists. Many thanks to him and Samanth for such a wonderful introduction to the country and its customs.