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  1. Play back free bird watching
  2. "Sounds of Sinharaja" natural sounds audio CD project.
  3. Volunteer Teaching / activities Program.



Currently we are involved in three main projects.

1. Play back free bird watching

The use of audio play back in bird watching has become a fashion in Sri Lanka, as in other foreign countries in the world. Today the first class bird watching tour operating companies, as well as ornithological tour leaders, use audio play backs in their bird watching tour programs. This abnormal practice can be a bad example for the new entrants to the field of bird watching, and induce them to use it more and more, despite their harmful effects to the bird community.

This type of 'Play-back bird watching' is not only unethical, to say the least, but also morally reprehensible, as it completely destroys the freedom of the bird community and interfere with their natural conditions of living. It was indeed a matter for regret that such methods are used as money-spinners, at the expense of a ‘natural-asset’; the birds. Inciting the rare birds to be drawn from their home-territory will lead to lose themselves & probably abandoning their original homes.

A rare bird could be, a one to whom the environment had become a challenge and a one belonging to a decreasing bird population.

The use of play back to bring such rare birds out of their natural setting is especially harmful to the birds during their breading seasons, as the territorial birds protecting their territory are also called off their beat, under the compelling sounds of the play back.

Besides that the birds of the play back tract lose their sense of the natural habitation in the wilderness, seriously affecting their freedom of movement, causing an irreparable damage to the bird life.

The aim of the “Walk With Jith” is to provide a natural package of bird watching without the use of the undesirable and harmful methods like use of audio play backs.

If it is possible for you, the tourists, to join Walk With Jith in bird watching in their own natural environment without the use of the artificial play back, it would indeed be a great service for the bird conservation in Sri Lanka. This will encourage the development of bird watching ways and means under natural conditions instead of the play back methods of unnatural ‘bird watching tourism’ detrimental to both the community of rare birds and tourist industry in the long run.

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2. "Sounds of Sinharaja" natural sounds audio CD project.

This educational CD is given free to schools. The proceeds from this CD goes to the Student fund of the Field Ornithological Group of Sri Lanka.

All the composers of this CD are from the "Walk With Jith" team.

  Web news article:Sunday Observer Sri Lankan news paper, 27 February 2004

3. Volunteer Teaching/activities Program.

We arrange one day workshops, lectures and similar activities in rural schools with lesser facilities. We give a chance to our clients participate in these small programs. The activities could be in art, craft, painting, dancing, music, science, sports or any other thing important to child education. The objective of this program is to;

  • Build understanding of different cultures
  • Give a chance to give away knowledge and experience
  • Create a better education environment to the children with lesser facilities

If interested please send your proposal to us.
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