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Dhuli Ella Waterfall - Sinharaja Rain Forest
Sinharaja Rainforest

Walking tour in Sri Lanka

A walk through a pristine old-growth rainforest...

The Sinharaja rain forest does not reveal its secrets easily. Its tall canopy and luxuriant vegetation filter out most light and the forest is often enveloped in mist. But those who seek to know this forest will be richly rewarded.

The naturalists will find it teeming with life, as it is home to many of Sri Lanka's endemic species as well as other species that still await discovery. The adventurer will explore its steep ravines and cascading water falls. Those who seek contemplative reflection will cherish the quiet of its caves, the beauty of the temple inside the forest and the mysteries of the night time sounds.

Even the historian will find much of interest since people have for centuries been living with the forest, finding ways to tap its wealth without wasting its potential. For all these people the only way to discover this forest is to walk within it, leaving no trace of their presence, except the memory of the forest in their minds.

Sinharaja has been recognized by the World Heritage Foundation of UNESCO as a world heritage site, one of 213 places of grate historical value in the world that should be conserved for posterity.

Sinharaja Map by Eben Goodale
Sinharaja map is by Eben Goodale

3 NIGHTS IN SINHARAJA ...... wake up to the bird songs and the mist that covers the forest

This tour is planned for a total of five days; three of those days we will be backpacking.

1. Two long days trekking inside thick forest.
2. Bird and butterfly watching and bird behavior studying.
3. Nocturnal animal and bird watching at nights.
4. Visiting forest boundary villages (agriculture, plantation, traditional work, native cuisine etc.).
5. Water fall bathing.
6. Preparing Sri Lanka recipies with locals.
7. Clean home accommodation.

From the forest you can return to the airport or go to a beach side hotel. some extensions or special excursions could be arranged as per your requirement.

The tour will be personally led by Prasanjith.

This is an itinerary for small groups not exceeding 4 persons.

Tour Leader:

Prasanjith will accompany you as the tour leader.


Please contact Prasanjith for the current rates.


Sri Lankan Bird - Endemic and Endangered Blue Magpie
Endemic Blue Magpie
Toque Monkey
Toque Monkey
Sri Lankan Village Woman
Village Woman