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Martin's Lodge, Sinharaja
Martin's Lodge, Sinharaja

Elephant Watching

Nights in Elephant Country ......

From rainforest to bush jungle. A journey into the tropical forests of Sri Lanka accompanied by expert naturalist on the whole trip which covers four extremely different types of forest. A deeper experience amongst endemic birds, rare butterflies, tree-frogs and wild elephants. Action and time for contemplation.

Tree Tops is a true jungle experience. Simple and rustic clay huts blend unfenced with beautiful surroundings - virgin forest, rocky hills, and wildlife. The lodge is located near Buttala in Southeast Sri Lanka, in the Weliara wilderness bordering the Northwestern corner of the 1300 sq km Yala National Park. A micro lodge but fully geared with staff, eager to create great experiences for visitors - be it tasty meals, jungle treks, or wild elephant spotting.

Hamok   Tree Tops

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Nights in the jungle are an experience of darkness and strange sounds. Most prominent of our wild visitors at Tree Tops are the wild elephants passing close by. Usually they are very silent but frequently we here them breaking branches or trumpeting. If you're lucky you might even here the 'song of elephant - herds' long distance communicating with sound waves like whales. This is a night phenomena; a most rare experience. Elephants are always on the move and they come and go in the area around Tree Tops. Yala and bordering forests host approximately 500 elephants, making this area of Sri Lanka a most important elephant habitat with a density about one elephant per 2.5 sq km.

Concepts of the tour:

2 nights in dry zone forest
2 nights in tropical rain forest
2 nights in mountain area

-Combine a 3 nights package at ecolodge in the jungles of Southeast Sri Lanka with a 3 days tour to other types of forest and climate. The point is that a there is a great variety of climate, forest, and habitat diversity within short distances.
- The 6 nights tour is thought for travellers interested in the service of an organised package that is short and flexible enough to be part of an individually planned holiday.
- Perfect for free individual travellers, interested in an adventure that would be complicated to organise alone. Relax – the trip is planned. Enjoy highlights of exotic nature and learn identification from the specialist guide.
- Equally for the specialist ornithologist and anybody with a general passion for nature who’d like walking experiences that’ll take you deeper into nature and culture of Sri Lanka accompanied by Prasanjith who is a passionate and experienced trekker and birder.


Accommodation is provided in an eco lodge/guesthouse, with the emphasis on location and ambience, good fun and an adventurous experience. The eco lodge is not a conventional ‘hotel’ but a kind of jungle base camp.

From the forest you can return to the airport or go to a beach side hotel. some extensions or special excursions could be arranged as per your requirement.

This is an itinerary for small groups not exceeding 4 persons.

Tour Leader:

Prasanjith will accompany you as the tour leader.


Please contact us for current rates.




Tree top
Tree Tops