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Travel Report List:

Brian Clasper
Nature Photographer
Durham, UK

Nattinee Limkitisupasin
Tour Organizer, Thailand

Mark Taylor
BMW Group, Australia

Paul Seligman
Web Engineer, Wales, UK




british birdfair 2006  Photo by Paul Seligman. Bird fair 2006 taking to  visitor
(Above right photo - Jith, Janet Dewes and Paul Seligman in the Bird Fair Stand, Photo by courtesy of Paul Seligman)

Walk With Jith participated in the British Bird Watching Fair 2006 in Rutland, UK from 18 to 20 August  2006. Among other activities, we proudly promoted playback free bird watching in this fair.

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Garri & Prasanjith  in TAF Fechan Local Nature Reserve, Wales
Geri Thomas & Prasanjith in TAF Fechan Local Nature Reserve, Wales

In the visit to England for Bird Fair 2006, Prasanjith spent two days in birding in and around Cadiff, Wales including TAF Fechan Local Nature Reserve. Prasanjith sincerely thanks experienced birder Gerry Thomas, Paul and Janet for their help and support in these trips.

"Nature's jewels at Sinharaja" - Prasanjit Caldera of Walk With Jith facilitated the visit to Sinharaja and supplied necessary information for this article.
Sunday Observer, Sri Lankan news paper, 27 November 2005.

"Beautiful, bountiful Sinharaja" - A hike in Sinharaja Rain Forest

This article was published in the Sunday Observer, a major Sri Lankan news paper on 23 October 2005.

1st National Bird Ringing Program - Yala, Palatupana.


Prasanjith was a founding member of National Bird Ringing Program (represented Field Ornithology Group of Sri Lanka, University of Colombo). He worked with Mr. John Hornbuckle (UK), one of the most experienced birdiers in the world. In the very first program at the Yala National Park area made a significant start with the netting of the Eurasian Wrynek (Jynex torquilla) The first concrete evidence of this bird's presence in Sri Lanka.

Nesting of Ashy-Headed Laughing Thrush

   The first ever study on the nesting and parental behavior of the Ashy-Headed Laughing Thrush (Garrulax cinereifrons) an endemic and rare bird had been carried out in the Sinharaja Forest by Prasanjith Caldera, Eben Goodale and Ashoka Jayarathne during December 2003.
   Ashy-Headed Laughing Thrush is a rare bird and its conservation status is stated as 'vulnerable' in the Bird Life International Red Data Book of 2001 Photo by Ashoka Jayarathne

Web news article: "Ashy-headed Laughing Thrush - an endemic & rare bird"
Sunday Observer Sri Lankan news paper, 29 February 2004

"How do birds talk to one another?"

Web news article:Sunday Observer, Sri Lankan news paper, 18 April 2004.

"Sounds of Sinharaja"

  Web news article:Sunday Observer Sri Lankan news paper, 27 February 2004