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Paddy Field

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  • Rice - The staple food of many Asian Countries including Sri Lanka , rice dominates Sri Lankan agriculture since time immemorial, covering 780,000 Hectares, of the Agricultural landscape at present.

  • Irrigation Tanks - Rural Sri Lanka was based on the tank, temple and the village concept, where the traditional village simple lifestyle was interwoven with cultivation practices. The Tank which supplies essential water for paddy cultivation played a central part in the rural village. Remote villagers scattered in the dry zone were served by their own little tanks, which in addition to irrigating paddy fields served as a community water supply.
       The ancient Kings promoted the building of Tanks and created largest marvelous inland reservoirs using technology which amazes present day engineers. A system of interconnected large and small Tanks dot the Sri Lankan dry zone landscape even today.

  • Low land cultivation - Irrigable land stretching for miles, in the low land plains where turn into prosperous"wel Yayas" supplying the country's needs. Most widely practiced cultivation system in Sri Lanka had plots were all cultivated at the same time.

  • High Land Cultivation - Saving the rain during the "Maha" (North Western Monsoon) season, the ancient hill country farmers devised terraced farming/cultivation. One of the most picturesque and beautiful objects in the Kandyan hills and it is hard not to be moved by the vistas of green paddy field that stretches down to the village below.

  • Rituals - From the moment of breathing the first pod of soil in the field to collecting the last grain of harvest, ritual dominates the paddy field. Sustained from generation to generation, these are simple methods in harmony with nature and having rational and scientific explanations of their effectiveness.
  • Scarecrows - Imaginations running riot the rural farmer's exotic and humorous creations stand guard over the paddy field. A simple method to scare away harmful birds such as weaver birds, parrots, mynas and doves raiding the fields when the crops is "millaing" or maturing.
       The focus of attention, where ever it is erected the scare crow believes to keep off the "evil eye" the looks of ill disposed persons with a jealous eye, harming ones valuable possession.

Ambalama | Butterflies | Exorcism and The Occult | Kumbuk | Palm | Rice | Traditional Dance | Traditional Musical Instruments

Tank and Temple
May 31, 2007