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Trees and Flowers

•  Bilin fruit (Averhoe bilimbi) – Very small cucumber shape, sour and juicy fruits to use curries, pickled or making jam. Commonly cultivated in low country home gardens. The tree is about 03 – 05 m. high .Fruits hang on the trunk and branches. Flowers are very tiny and dark red in color. Generic name is given for commemorated Arab physician and philosopher Averrhoes ( 1126 – 1198 AD).

•  Wanaraja Orchids (Anoectochilus setaceus) – A rare and endemic ground orchid to Sri Lanka with striking leaves. Flowers are white and yellow .Grows in the shades in wet zone rain forests, especially in Sinharaja and peak wilderness. The plant is use in the treatment to snake bites in traditional medicine.

•  Blue Pie (Clitoria ternatea) – A common decorative climber in home gardens Sri Lanka . Oval shape flower is usually dark blue and white. But there are also white and pink varieties. In traditional medicine this plant is believed to have laxative properties . Flowers is use to offer Buddha in Temples .

Cannon Ball Flower
•  Cannonball flower (Couroupita surinamensis) – A tall evergreen tree. The flowers and cannonball like fruits are borne on short branches arising from the trunk. Flowers appear all the year round. Another popular flower offering at Buddhist temples. This tree has been introduced to Sri Lanka from tropical America a long time ago.

•  Frangipani (Plumeria obtuse) – A very common flower tree. Rarely to see with out flowers. An injury to the tree causes the exudation of white latex like viscid juice. The genus name honors Charles Plumeir famous French botanist and common name Frangipani was derived from the famous fragrance manufactured by Muzio Frangipani (France).

Na Flower
•  Ceylon Ironwood flower (Mesua ferrea) – Medium size ornamental tree which endemic to island and national tree of Sri Lanka . A common tree in lowland rain forest such as Sinharaja, Kithulgala and peak wilderness etc. Much favored as offerings at Buddhist temples. The heartwood of the tree is reddish-brown, hard and durable.

•  Jak fruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) – Very useful tree for Sri Lankans. Could be seen in most of home gardens both in rural and urban areas. Large and oval shape, yellowish fruits born on short branches close to the trunk. The unripe fruits are cooked in curries and ripe fruit is eaten. This is also a very important fruit for monkeys, bats, squirrels, and birds. A prior permission must be obtained from government authority to cut a ‘jak fruit' tree.

Mango Fruits
•  Mango fruit ( Mangifera indica) – Very famous and delicious fruit. A very common garden tree in Sri Lanka . There are about 15 varieties of mangoes with different flavors in the island. This tree is sacred to Hindus, and mango leaves are used to decorate houses on festival occasions.

Bo Leaves
•  Ficus religiosa ( “Bo” tree in sinhala) – The sacred tree of Buddhist. The Lord Buddha attained enlightenment under this tree. Found in every Buddhist temple. Leaves are heart shaped with long pointed tips. The Sacred Bo tree in Anuradhapura , Sri Lanka is the oldest, documented tree in the world, dating from 252 BC.


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