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Whale and Dolphin Watching Tours in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is renowned as the major destination for Whale and Dolphin watching. Our "Whale Watching and Dolphin Watching Tours in Sri Lanka" are professionally planned to three top spotting sites for whales and dolphins in Sri Lanka; Dondra Point near Mirissa in the South coast, Kalpitiya in the West coast and Trincomalee in the East coast.

Sri Lanka is one of best places in the world to see Blue whales and it is also renowned in the world as the best place too see Blue Whales and Sperm Whales on the same sailing.
This tour can also be part of another larger tour such as a bird watching tour, wildlife and nature tour, culture tour, photography tour or even a Honeymoon tour.

You will have a close encounter with the largest animal ever to roam the planet, the Blue Whale, seen in high concentrations not seen elsewhere in the world. Blue whale is the largest animal to roam the planet. It is up to 100 feet long and weighing over 200 tons. The secret behind the gigantic size of this animal is its meal—4 tons of tiny shrimps like animals called Krill. Blue Whales swim in almost all the world’s oceans. And They reach near equator waters in the winter. Most of the times they can be seen either alone or in pairs. But occasionally swim with small groups.    

You will also see Sperm Whales feeding in groups. They  are toothed whales that live in pods. It has the largest brain of any animal and has only one blow hole. Sperm Whales are the deepest diving whales.

In addition to these whales Spinner Dolphins and Bottle nosed Dolphins are also seen in the see surrounding Sri Lanka.

Here is an informative article on Whale Watching in Sri Lanka:

We can add whale watching excursions to many other tour types such as bird watching, cultural or wildlife photography tours.

Whale watching hot spots in Sri Lanka

There are 02 major spots for Whale watching, Dondra Point near Mirissa harbour and Trincomalee. In these two places you can see Dolphins as well. In addition, Kalpitiya is more popular for Dolphin watching.

Blue Whales in sea near Mirissa, Sri Lanka - A WalkWithJith tour Photo by Tina Shirt.
Blue Whales in sea near Mirissa, Sri Lanka - A WalkWithJith tour
Photo by Tina Shirt.

Dondra Point

Dondra Point is situated in the South coast of Sri Lanka close to Mirissa fishing harbour. This is the main whale watching area of the island. The season is from December to April and the peak sighting months are, January and February. During the season, there are great chances to spot both Blue and Sperm Whales in the same sail as well as Dolphins such as Spinner Dolphins.  We arrange Whale Watching Trips during the season. Travelling in the sea is by a fully insured trawler boat. The journey stars from Mirissa fishing harbour and will last 3 to 5 hours.
For this excursion, we arrange accommodation places in Galle, Unawatuna, Weligama and Mirissa which are popular beach locations in the South coast of Sri Lanka. From these places you can reach the starting point at Mirissa easily.


The Whale and Dolphin watching boat trip starts from the main harbour in Trincomalee, in the East coast of Sri Lanka.  The journey at sea will begin from Foul Point and sail southwards for 3 to 5 hours. This is a good place to spot Blue Whales and sometimes Humpback Whales as well. Best period is from March to June.
You can stay in nice beach hotels in Trincomalee and from there, can easily travel to the starting point at Trincomalee harbour.


This is a beautiful undisturbed beach location in the West coast, north of Colombo. It is a nice place if you are interested in seeing Dolphins. November to March is the best time to go off to Kalpitiya. At a time, you can witness hundreds of Dolphins.

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Spinner Dolphins in sea near Mirissa, Sri Lanka  photgraphed by Tina Shirt while touring with Walk With Jith
Spinner Dolphins in sea near Mirissa, Sri Lanka 
photgraphed by Tina Shirt while touring with Walk With Jith

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